Are you ready to change the way you have been feeling about yourself and your circumstances?
Are you ready to make your paradigm shift but not sure how this stuff works?
Have you been putting off things you really desire to do because you don't believe you have what it takes?

Hey Boss Moms!
Join me  for a 4  hour, action- packed, workshop/seminar designed exclusively for women ready to take their lives to the next level!

This is an investment in you! What you want out of it is what you will get? I know you want more out of your life and have been wanting more for quite some time now, right?

You are not crazy and you are not alone! Believe me!

Check this out...

 According to research women are prone to adaptability more so than men because of what our bodies undergo. All Praise is due to God,we still manage to keep up with our nurturing and supporting roles despite the chemical complexities of our bodies(menstruation, childbirth, menopause). We often get to a point in our life when we begin to realize that it has not been "ALL ABOUT ME", for quite some time, and we begin to feel unfulfilled. When we get to this point our senses are heightened and we fear falling into the "deep sea" because we know what lies at the bottom of it(depression, anxiety, worry, helpless etc...)!

 What I have come to realize, about many of us, is that we are on a quest for a more fulfilled life but we will not let it happen without a fight! We fear that things are just going to fall apart if we start doing for ourselves. The truth is that if we don't start doing for ourselves, no matter where we are in age, THINGS ARE SURE TO FALL APART and YOU are first on the list! You won't be good to anyone if you are not good to you. God gave us these beautiful bodies as a trust and it is our duty to take care of them(mentally, physically and spiritually)!

The Its Time workshop/seminar will cover the most popular areas of personal growth to provide you with useful tools to start your paradigm shifting journey : 

*Self Discovery

*Removing bad emotional habits

*Removing self-limiting beliefs


*Defining your major purpose

*Goal setting

*How to create a support network

*Action planning

*Understanding failure

*The awesome power in "Getting Back Up"

 Are you ready to really discover what you're made of?

 I'm almost sure you are! So take a minute to fill out the form below and workshop/seminar details will be sent to you, God Willing, within 24 -48 hours!

This workshop can be, and has been,facilitated as a  teleseminar.

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