HB's 1st Annual Brunch N Biz Conference!

  • Have you ever felt stuck trying to decide how to get your biz started?

  • Have you given up on your ideas over and over again because you just don't believe they are worth it?

  • Do you continue to get the same results only to find yourself working even harder each time?

  • Are you battling with time management and organization in your biz and/or in your personal life?

I know the feeling!!!

Let's get together for a day to talk about all of this stuff! What better way to do it than over brunch  with  a group of sisters at a venue near you? I will do my very best to show you how I and so many other Muslimahpreneurs are making BIG things happen in the Ummah in the area of business. We have the formula for success right in our deen and I would not waste a moment sharing what has helped me and so many others so far on this journey to owning and operating a successful business. It really is all UP TO YOU BELOVED!!!

Tickets are $50/each and if you invite a friend you can take advantage of HB's buddy discount at $75. I know you want to take your biz to the next level and, in shaa Allah, come and discover a few tips that you can use almost immediately to start moving forward!

What to expect?

  • Fun, Fun and more Fun!

  • Tips on how to get unstuck and move into your vision

  • A chance to showcase your biz(extra fee of $10)

  • Networking with other Muslimah's who have been where your going and want to offer you their strategy and their personal story

  • Free hijabs and other give-aways!

  • An opportunity to shop from vendors on site(hijabs, overgarments, handbags, jewelry, etc...) 

What do you have to loose that you haven't got to gain? Your dream of being a successful business woman in the ummah for the ummah can happen all by the permission of Allah. You and I must put in the effort!

How does this sound to you? ......Ahhhh I knew you would be as excited as I am about this!

ALL YOU  HAVE TO DO IS... SAY "YES" ! Details coming soon!

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